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Renowned ensembles from all over the globe explore the musical riches of the pre-Classical era, from Medieval...

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Stile Antico: Elizabeth I, Queen of Muses

Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most significant patrons of music in British history; her reign (1558–1603)...

Early Music

Stile Antico

Elizabeth I, Queen of Muses

Saturday, October 13, 2018, 8pm

Church of St. Mary the Virgin

This event has ended.

Queen Elizabeth I presided during a time that delighted in the talents of some of the most renowned composers of the Renaissance, including Thomas Tallis, William Byrd, and John Dowland. The exquisite Stile Antico explores the reign of the great Tudor Queen in a program illuminating the life of a court that rejoiced in some of the finest music ever created.



  • William Byrd  This sweet and merry month of May
  • William Byrd  O Lord make thy servant Elizabeth
  • William Byrd  Attolite portas
  • William Byrd  Ne irascaris
  • John Dowland  Now O now I needs must part
  • John Dowland  Can she excuse my wrongs
  • John Farmer  Fair nymphs I heard one telling
  • Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder Ad Dominum cum tribularer
  • Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder O remember not our old sins
  • Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder Exaudi Domine orationem meam
  • Orlande de Lassus  Madonna mi pietà
  • Pierre Sandrin Doulce memoire
  • Thomas Tallis Absterge Domine
  • John Taverner Christe Jesu pastor bone
  • Thomas Weelkes As Vesta was, from Latmos hill descending
  • John Wilbye The lady Oriana
  • Adrian Willaert Vecchie letros non valete niente