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The New York Times: “A Composer’s Redacted Music and Raucaus Noise

Zachary Woolfe reviews David T. Little’s Composer Portrait: “...crushing sonic violence coexist with oases of serene lyrical beauty…”
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The New Yorker: “The Shape-Shifting Music of Tyshawn Sorey”

An outstanding review of Tyshawn Sorey’s Composer Portrait by Alex Ross, who calls Sorey a “defiant identity on the border between classical music and jazz.”

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David T. Little Shares his Playlist

In advance of his Composer Portrait at Miller, David T. Little tells us what he is listening to for inspiration; it’s an eclectic mix ranging from symphonic to rock music.

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Cracking the Code: David T. Little

Executive Director Melissa Smey discusses David T. Little’s upcoming Composer Portrait on April 18, featuring American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) and Third Coast Percussion.

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The New York Times: “Roam the Spectrum With Tyshawn Sorey”

Tyshawn Sorey’s Composer Portraits performance on March 28 was reviewed by Seth Colter Walls for The New York Times.

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The New York Times Recommends Rebecca Fischer’s Pop-Up

The New York Times’ guide to the city’s best classical music and opera happening this weekend and in the week ahead includes Miller’s Pop-Up concert on 4/2.

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The New Yorker Features Tyshawn Sorey’s Composer Portrait

This week’s “Goings On About Town” highlights Tyshawn Sorey’s upcoming Portrait at Miller, accompanied by an illustration of the artist.

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How Tyshawn Sorey’s Portrait Came About

A Q&A with Executive Director Melissa Smey by Lara Pellegrinelli about Tyshawn Sorey’s Composer Portrait on March 28.

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Why is John Zorn so important?

Executive Director Melissa Smey discusses her history with John Zorn and his upcoming Composer Portrait on March 7.

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The New Yorker Features Wang Lu’s Composer Portrait

“Goings On About Town” highlights Wang Lu’s upcoming Portrait at Miller, accompanied by a striking illustration of the artist.

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More People Need to Know About Wang Lu

A Q&A with Executive Director, Melissa Smey, about Wang Lu’s upcoming Composer Portrait on February 21 featuring Yarn/Wire and International Contemporary Ensemble.

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