Zorn at 60: Game Pieces

Friday, September 27, 2013, 8pm

This event has ended.

  This fall, Miller joins with venues across the city and around the world—from the Met Museum to the Barbican Centre—in celebrating the 60th birthday of one of New York’s most important artists: John Zorn. Miller’s marathon roams widely, exploring notated and improvised music alike, and features an all-star lineup of musicians, every one of them hand-selected by the composer for these performances.

Part 3: Game Pieces Without dictating any of the notes to be played, these pieces use visual cues and graphic scores to structure the interactions of improvisers, resulting in remarkable (and one-of-a-kind) performances. This program brings together works rarely heard in a single evening and features many of Zorn’s longtime collaborators: Cyro Baptista, Uri Caine, Erik Friedlander, George Lewis, Marc Ribot, and many, many others.

  Featuring: Cyro Baptista, percussion; Joey Baron, percussion; Brian Chase, percussion; Sylvie Courvoisier, piano; Trevor Dunn, bass; Erik Friedlander, cello; Kenny Grohowski, percussion; Okkyung Lee, cello; George Lewis, trombone; John Medeski, piano; James Moore, guitar; Ikue Mori, electronics; Mike Patton, vocals; Mark Ribot, guitar; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Ches Smith, percussion; William Winant, percussion; Kenny Wolleson, percussion; Dither Guitar Quartet; and TALEA ensemble



  • Rugby     (1983)
  • Book of Heads     (1978)
  • Xu Feng     (1985)
  • Hockey     (1978)
  • Fencing     (1978)
  • Bezique     (1989)
  • Lacrosse     (1976)
  • Cobra     (1984)