“The Human Crisis” by Albert Camus, 70 years later

Maison Française

Monday, March 28, 2016, 7pm

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Albert Camus originally delivered this lecture on La Crise de l’homme on March 28, 1946, to a very full house at Columbia’s McMillin Academic Theatre, on his first and only trip to the United States.  70 years later, to celebrate Camus’s visit to New York and Columbia, his lecture will be delivered in a dramatic reading by the actor Viggo Mortensen, in a version newly translated into English by Alice Kaplan.

The event will be introduced by Souleymane Bachir Diagne and by Alice Kaplan, who will share new research from her forthcoming book, Looking for the Stranger: Albert Camus and the Life of a Literary Classic, to bring alive Camus’ U.S. visit and provide a context for his lecture. Following the reading there will be a panel discussion about Albert Camus in New York. After the reading, Bachir Diagne and Alice Kaplan will be joined by Viggo Mortensen and Madeleine Dobie for a panel discussion about Albert Camus’ influence, his impressions of the U.S., and his reception in this country as a leading voice of the postwar generation of French intellectuals.

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Additional Information

About the Waitlist: There will be a separate line for people who have added their names to the waitlist. The line will begin forming at 6 p.m. on College Walk beside Miller Theatre. Available seats will be released on a first-come first-served basis to those waiting on line. This event is organized in partnership with The Albert Camus Estate and is part of a series of events taking place in New York on the theme of "Camus : A Stranger in the City" (March 26 – April 19 / @camusnyc2016) commemorating the 70th year anniversary of Camus’ visit to the United States.