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Early Music

Renowned ensembles from all over the globe explore the musical riches of the pre-Classical era, from Medieval...

Early Music


Stile Moderno

Saturday, February 22, 2020, 8pm

In the 17th century, Europe experienced a series of radical transformations, including a cultural revolution in music. Composers began to create works of dramatic oppositions and vivid emotions, in contrast to the smooth tapestry of Renaissance polyphony. The celebrated baroque ensemble Quicksilver makes their Miller debut with a program exploring the “new” invention of the sonata.


  • Quicksilver


  • Dario Castello Sonata decimaquarta
  • Dario Castello Sonata decima 
  • Dario Castello Sonata duodecima
  • Antonio Bertali Sonata à 4 in D minor
  • Massimiliano Neri Sonata quinta à 4 
  • Johann Heinrich Schmeltzer Polnische Sackpfeiffen 
  • Johann Heinrich Schmeltzer Sonata No. 7 à 5 
  • Matthias Weckmann Sonata No. 2 à 4 
  • Johann Vierdanck Canzona No. 21 in C major
  • Johann Rosenmüller   Sonata à 5 in F major 
  • Johann Kaspar Kerll Sonata à 3 in G minor 
  • Johann Kaspar Kerll Sonata à 2 in F major

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Photo by Ian Douglas.