Myths & Allegories

“Belles, dans vos yeux” from Les Sirènes

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Myths & Allegories

Scholars believe that Homer’s epic was a song sung to a rapt audience before it was ever written down,...

Myths & Allegories

Les Délices

Saturday, March 28, 2015, 8pm

This event has ended.

The shipwrecked hero Ulysses is the inspiration for this encore performance by Les Délices, with special guest soprano Clara Rottsolk. Selections from Jean-Féry Rebel’s little-known opera Ulysse provide the centerpiece, with a focus on a love triangle between the witch Circe, Ulysses, and his wife Penelope. Works by Thomas-Louis Bourgeois and Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre—a child prodigy, and the first French woman ever to compose an opera—allow Les Délices to showcase a range of styles, as well as their own far-reaching talents.


  •  Jean-Féry Rebel Sisième Sonate, “L’Immortelle” 
  • Rebel Selections from Ulysse
  • François Chauvon Cinquième Suite
  • Thomas-Louis Bourgeois Les Sirènes  
  • Rebel La Fidelle
  • Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre Le Sommeil d'Ulisse