Autumn Rain LIVE 2014

HagiEn, TheJEN

Sunday, October 5, 2014, 6pm

This event has ended.

Autumn Rain LIVE 2014 is a cultural gathering that brings together young U.S.-dwelling Koreans through performances in New York, Philadelphia, and Virginia, featuring the Korean musician “Coffee Boy,” who delivers the perfect autumn vibe.

“Coffee Boy” started his career as a popular singer in 2010 almost by accident, writing songs to try to win over the girl of his dreams. He’s been active in the scene ever since, gaining notice in broadcasting, radio, and stage performance with his bold style of speech and keen wit. His original numbers - including “Can I get Married” and “When Love Comes” - are marked by their signature frank lyrics and sentimental melody. “Coffee Boy” is well received among young Korean listeners and sells out every performance.

We invite you to Autumn Rain LIVE 2014, a place of authentic Korean sentiments and warm, healing encounters.

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