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The New York Times profiles Hannah Lash and the world premiere of “Desire”

In advance of the world premiere of Desire on October 16 & 17 at Miller Theatre, Ryan Ebright of The New York Times interviews composer Hannah Lash about her newest chamber opera and her longstanding interest in creating works that are "incredibly intimate and not grand, something a bit uncomfortable, and very personal and loose-ended.” 

With Desire, according to Ebright, Lash returns to the themes of "vulnerability, conflict, and intimacy" that she had explored in her very first chamber opera, Blood Rose (2010).  "Moving freely between the realistic and the abstract," he writes that Desire "meditates on the wonder, struggle and ephemeral nature of the creative process, of finding one’s own voice. It is also chamber music in the truest sense of the term: The septet of performers (a string quartet and three singers) will perform without a conductor, a rarity for opera of any size."

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