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Augusta Read Thomas enchants The New York Times

“There’s nothing quite like the hypnotic experience of being immersed live in the shimmering, thrumming, pealing sound cloud created by these instruments,” wrote Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim in her review of Augusta Read Thomas’ Composer Portrait for The New York Times. Fonseca-Wollheim was referring to Thomas’ percussion work Resounding Earth performed by Third Coast Percussion, whose “members were a delight to watch, moving with a riveting blend of precision and fluidity.”

This performance marked the New York premiere of Resounding Earth, as well as the world premiere of Selene, a new octet for the two ensembles performing that night: Third Coast and the JACK Quartet.

“An ambitious piece taking in a wide range of moods and sonic landscapes,” wrote Fonseca-Wollheim, “it received a premiere so persuasive and well balanced as to make a case for the percussion-string octet as a new standard form.”

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“Review: Augusta Read Thomas’s Spiritual ‘Resounding Earth’” by Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim for The New York Times. Published March 6, 2015.