Rebecca Saunders
Photo by Katrin Schander
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Rebecca Saunders

Saunders makes us aware of sound as color, and especially as the freshly intense color that comes from...

Composer Portraits

Rebecca Saunders


Thursday, April 4, 2013, 8pm

Miller Theatre at Columbia University

    A star pupil of Wolfgang Rihm, Rebecca Saunders (b. 1967) favors a delicate, sparse aesthetic. “From this surface of apparent silence,” the composer explains, “I try to draw out and mold sound and color.” Finding inspiration in the work of Samuel Beckett, the philosophy of Goethe, and Wassiliy Kandinsky’s writings on spirituality in art, Saunders’ seems to strip away the extraneous and ornamental in order to uncover the essential within. Her works explore the unique timbres of idiosyncratic solo instruments and chamber ensembles, all performed with thoughtfulness by the members of Either/Or. The Guardian calls Saunders “one of the most intriguing British composers of her generation,” and for good reason.



  • murmurs   (2009) U.S. premiere
  • vermilion   (2003) New York premiere
  • dichroic seventeen   (1998) New York premiere
  • Onstage discussion with the composer