The Wire—The Conference

The Heyman Center

Friday, April 8, 2016, 3:15pm

This event has ended.

Two panels from The WireThe Confrence will be held at Miller:

3:15pm-5:00pm: Baltimore Stories in the “Public Square”. Organized by Sheri Parks, University of Maryland featuring Michael Casiano, Ashley Minner, Sheri Parks and Kalima Young. No tickets or registration required for this panel.

5:15pm-7:00pm: Music from The Wire. This panel begins with discussion by those whose music and work behind the scenes gave The Wire its Baltimore sound. It also features performances by Wiresoundtrack recording artists, including Baltimore’s Diablo Flamez and DJ Technics as well as producers Juan Donovan Bell and Jamal Roberts of Darkroom Productions. No tickets or registration required for this panel.

This two-day conference considers the afterlife and legacies of The Wire. For those involved with its creation, the experience of The Wire was unusually transformative.  The same might be said for those who study and learn from it.  What accounts for the unique status of The Wire as an object of multi-disciplinary inquiry?  Why does it appeal so strongly to those in the academy, and increasingly so as the years go by? In what ways has its unusual degree of creative collaboration led to other forms of collaborative work for creators and consumers (community activism, public humanities, team-teaching across disciplines)? What effect does its subtly traversing the borderline between fact and fiction have on interpretation?

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