JACK Quartet: Soundscape America
Program Notes

JACK Quartet: Soundscape America

The string quartet provides an ideal medium for exploring the fluid identity implied by being “American.”...

JACK Quartet: Soundscape America

Concert Two

Saturday, October 21, 2017, 8pm

Miller Theatre at Columbia University

This event has ended.

The string quartet is an iconic configuration in classical music. This fall, JACK Quartet takes on the most consequential American string quartets of the twentieth century, and introduces Miller audiences to new masterworks by contemporary composers. Soundscape America explores these works in a journey guided by the questions they provoke and the responses they inspire.


Concert One: Thursday, October 19 at 8pm



  • Natacha Diels Nightmare for JACK (a ballet) (2013)
  • Marcos Balter Chambers (2011)
  • John Zorn Necronomicon (2003)
  • Gloria Coates String Quartet No. 8 (2001/2002)
  • Ruth Crawford Seeger String Quartet 1931 (1931)

Additional Information

Major support for Soundscape America is provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Additional support for Soundscape America is provided by the American Music Project.

Photo by Matt Zugale for Miller Theatre.