Rediscovering Compère
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Early Music

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Early Music

Rediscovering Compère

Orlando Consort

Saturday, March 25, 2017, 8pm

This event has ended.

The name Loyset Compère is not as familiar as Dufay or Josquin, but many—the Orlando Consort among them—believe that this Franco-Flemish composer deserves a place amongst the masters of the 15th century. His early Renaissance compositions combine a sophisticated technical mind with an ear for sheer beauty. This program makes the case for Compère with a wide variety of works: his stately “Magnificat,” moving motets, and a range of secular songs, from laugh-out-loud bawdy to exquisitely romantic. 


  • Orlando Consort
  • Matthew Venner alto
  • Mark Dobell tenor
  • Angus Smith tenor
  • Donald Greig baritone


  • Loyset Compère Crux triumphans
  • Loyset Compère Mes pensées ne me lessent une heure
  • Loyset Compère Se j'ay parlé
  • Loyset Compère Au travail suis sans espoir de confort
  • Loyset Compère Alons fere nos barbes
  • Guillaume Dufay  Anima mea liquefacta est
  • Loyset Compère Plaine d'ennuy - Anima mea
  • Josquin des Prez Ave Maria
  • Loyset Compère Ave Maria
  • Loyset Compère Sile fragor
  • Loyset Compère Dictes moi toutes vos pensées
  • Loyset Compère Ung franc archier
  • Loyset Compère Seray je vostre mieulx amée
  • Loyset Compère Ne doibt en prendre quant on donne
  • Loyset Compère Une plaisant fillette ung matin se leva
  • Loyset Compère Magnificat primi toni