Orlando Consort: Loire Valley in Song
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Orlando Consort: Loire Valley in Song

“For all the refinement of the poetry and the technical sophistication of the music, the overall...

Early Music

Orlando Consort: Loire Valley in Song

Saturday, October 28, 2017, 8pm

Church of St. Mary the Virgin

This event has ended.

The Laborde Chansonnier is one of the finest surviving French song collection manuscripts, containing over a hundred songs by Binchois, Busnois, Dufay, Ockeghem and other 15th century masters. Set with stunning illuminations and constructed with supreme skill, the Chansonnier—or songbook—was clearly produced for royal hands, eyes, and ears. The Orlando Consort sings a montage of the Chansonnier’s most striking selections, complementing the pictorial magic of this magnificent Renaissance artifact.


  • The Orlando Consort


  • Gilles Binchois Je ne vis onques
  • John Bedingham Mon seul plaisir
  • Guillaume Dufay Se la face ay pale (song and music from the Mass)
  • Guillaume Dufay Malheureux cuer
  • Walter Frye Ave regina (motet and music from the Mass)
  • Antoine Busnois Ja que li ne s’i attende
  • Hayne van Ghizeghem De tous biens plaine
  • Johannes Ockeghem Ma maistresse (song and music from the Mass)
  • Johannes Ockeghem Fors seulement (song and music from the Mass on the same tune by Jacob Obrecht)

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Photo by Eric Richmond