John Cage
Photo by Ross Weiser / Courtesy of the John Cage Trust
Program Notes

John Cage

“From time to time ideas come for my next work which as I see it will be a large work which will...

John Cage

International Contemporary Ensemble

Thursday, September 20, 2012, 8pm

Miller Theatre at Columbia University

This event has ended.

  Miller kicks off this year’s Composer Portraits series with a 100th birthday celebration of one of the 20th century’s most profoundly influential composers and thinkers, whose ideas revolutionized art-making across genres. This unique Portrait casts John Cage’s (1912–1992) provocative explorations of chance operations and unorthodox sounds in relief by exploring his at-times explosive correspondence with the iconic French modernist Pierre Boulez. Percussionist and conductor extraordinaire Steven Schick joins up with ICE for a program pairing Boulez’s signature Le Marteau sans maître with Cage’s seminal works, revealing surprising connections between these two polarizing explorers of sound.



  • Music for _____ (1984-1987)
  • Amores (1943)
  • Aria (1958)
  • 1’5½’’ for a string player (1953)
  • 4'33" (1960)
  • Radio Music (1956)
  • Solo for Flute, from Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1958)
  • Atlas Eclipticalis (1962)
  • Pierre Boulez: Le Marteau sans maître (1954)