Hans Abrahamsen
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Composer Portraits: Hans Abrahamsen

Schnee is an hour-long set of gradually crystallizing canons that are also musical portraits of snow:...

Hans Abrahamsen

Ensemble Signal

Thursday, March 24, 2016, 8pm

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Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen’s magnum opus Schnee, or “Snow,”is a wealth of delicate sounds, pristine yet colorful. “Snow can transform a familiar landscape in a couple of minutes and it dampens all the usual noises,” says Abrahamsen. “It allows us to imagine something different.” Schnee brings out the many shades and moods that Abrahamsen sees behind winter’s whiteness, while its ever-shifting rhythms, tempos, and tunings demands nothing less than brilliance from the members of Ensemble Signal.


  • Schnee  (2008)