Georg Friedrich Haas
Yasuko Haas

A Preview of the Miller Theatre 2013-14 Composer Portraits Series

Program Notes

Georg Friedrich Haas

In revisiting media and sometimes specific works of the past—such as a mass by Josquin or Sappho’s...

Georg Friedrich Haas

Ensemble Signal

Thursday, October 10, 2013, 8pm

Miller Theatre at Columbia University

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        The music of Georg Friedrich Haas possesses “an otherworldly beauty,” writes The New Yorker. His compositional toolbox includes exotic scales and alternative tunings. He often draws on centuries past for inspiration, as in this program, which includes homages to the music of Desprez and the poetry of Sappho. Newly appointed to the Columbia University faculty, Haas will be the first composer of many this season to participate in an onstage discussion about his music during the performance.


  • Atthis         for soprano and 8 instruments (2009)
  • Tria ex uno         (2001)
  • de terrae fine         (2001)