Michael Gordon + Bach
Peter Serling


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Michael Gordon + Bach

All four of this evening’s pieces, whether from the first half of the eighteenth century or of the twenty-first,...

Michael Gordon + Bach

Ensemble Signal

Thursday, March 12, 2015, 8pm

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Bang on a Can co-founder Michael Gordon blends “the fury of punk rock, the nervous brilliance of free jazz and the intransigence of classical modernism” (The New York Times). He’s constantly staking out new territory—a quest exemplified by Hyper, his musical manifestation of a never-ending staircase that, curiously, delivers the climber back to the point where they began. This same inquisitiveness draws him to Bach, a harmonic and structural innovator. The program pairs Gordon’s chamber pieces with two of Bach’s concertos.


  • Gordon Hyper (2014)
  • Gordon Dry (2013)
  • Bach Concerto for Harpsichord in G minor, BWV 1058
  • Bach Concerto for Violin and Oboe in C minor, BWV 1060