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Morningside Lights Returns with “Play On!”


“If you’re a fan of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, you’ve probably wondered how those amazing puppets
are created and brought to life. This weekend is your chance not just to see behind the scenes but also to
participate in the process.”  –The New York Times 

The Arts Initiative and Miller Theatre
at Columbia University School of the Arts

present the tenth year of a beloved tradition that connects community through art


This year’s theme is inspired by the intersection of Shakespeare and Duke Ellington,
exploring the spirit of play while finding meaning within collective traditions.

“Play On!”

Free as always • Virtual this year

Concept and direction by PROCESSIONAL ARTS WORKSHOP

Through the distribution of "make-your-own" lantern kits, plus video tutorials and virtual workshops, the public will collectively illuminate the night with their one-of-a-kind lanterns, bringing light and life back to public space.

September 9–11

"Create your own lantern at home" kits will be distributed to registrants at a socially distanced pick-up location outside of Miller Theatre.

Watch the Video Celebration
Tuesday, October 26, 7:00 p.m.

Tune in to morningside-lights.com to watch the live premiere that includes user-generated content of the lantern-making process.

Sign up at morningside-lights.com

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Columbia University’s Miller Theatre is located north of the Main Campus Gate
at 116th St. & Broadway on the ground floor of Dodge Hall.

For further information, press tickets, photos, and to arrange interviews, please contact Aleba & Co.
at 212/206-1450 or aleba@alebaco.com.

For photos, please contact Lauren Bailey Cognetti, lrb2113@columbia.edu