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Miller Announces Mission: Commission Podcast

Miller Theatre at Columbia University
School of the Arts



 A six-episode podcast demystifying the process
of how classical music gets made

 Follow the creative journeys of three composers who have been given six weeks 
to create a newly commissioned piece of music:

In New York, MARCOS BALTER writes for harpist Parker Ramsay

In New Orleans, COURTNEY BRYAN writes for trombonist Andrae Murchison and herself on piano

In Chicago, AUGUSTA READ THOMAS writes for percussionist John Corkill

Hosted by MELISSA SMEY, Executive Director of Miller Theatre

Produced by GOLDA ARTHUR
(Vox, Marketplace, BBC World Service) 

Launch: Tuesdays, April 13 - May 18
Completed works revealed at the end of the series. 


Available for free at missioncommissionpodcast.com,
Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts

Listen to Trailer

Media: To receive an advance of the complete first episode,
email aleba@alebaco.com

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For further information, and to arrange interviews,
please contact Aleba & Co. at 212/206-1450 or aleba@alebaco.com.

For photos, please contact Lauren Bailey Cognetti at lrb2113@columbia.edu