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The New Yorker: “The Shape-Shifting Music of Tyshawn Sorey”

Tyshawn Sorey's Composer Portraits performance on March 28 was reviewed by Alex Ross for The Yorker, accompanied by an illustration by Mike McQuade.

"There is something awesomely confounding about the music of Tyshawn Sorey, the thirty-eight-year-old Newark-born composer, percussionist, pianist, and trombonist. As a critic, I feel obliged to describe what I hear, and description usually begins with categorization. Sorey’s work eludes the pinging radar of genre and style. Is it jazz? New classical music? Composition? Improvisation? Tonal? Atonal? Minimal? Maximal? Each term captures a part of what Sorey does, but far from all of it." 

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