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The New Yorker features the Horn Virtuosos of Genghis Barbie performing a Pop-Up Concert on Dec 11

The December 11 issue of The New Yorker featured Miller's upcoming Pop-Up Concert on December 11 by the all-female french horn quartet Genghis Barbie.

"The horn, uniquely welcome in both the brass and the woodwind families, is a brash but finicky device: for centuries the official instrument of the hunt, it is also capable of melting lyricism. The four virtuosos of Genghis Barbie...offer an “Ugly Holiday Sweater Party” at Miller Theatre on Dec. 11, performing tunes both goofy (“All I Want for Christmas Is You”) and solemn (“O Come, O Come Emmanuel”)."

Read the full preview.

Learn more about the Ugly Holiday Sweater Party with Genghis Barbie on Monday, December 11.