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The New York Times reviews Kati Agócs’ Composer Portrait

The New York Times critic Zachary Woolfe writes that "to be back in a space that presents new music so warmly and, in the best sense, casually was a gift" in his review of the Kati Agócs' Composer Portrait, which opened Miller's new season on Thursday, December 9, featuring Third Sound and Lucy Dhegrae.  

The world premiere of a work co-commissioned by Miller received praise from Woolfe for its "singing of complete and utter clarity." He states: "It can be hard to understand people when they sing...So it was no small feat that the text in “Voices of the Immaculate” — a simmering new cantata by Kati Agócs, given a resolute premiere performance by Lucy Dhegrae at the Miller Theater at Columbia University on Thursday — was entirely, word for word, lucid." 

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