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The New York Times Reviews Kate Soper’s Composer Portrait

Kate Soper's October 27th Composer Portraits performance was reviewed by Zachary Woolfe for The New York Times and deemed a NYT Critic's Pick.

"It begins with her reciting a big, big question: 'What is art?' Over the next 90 minutes, she answers, in essence, 'Ipsa dixit': It is whatever I say it is.

And what she says it is in 'Ipsa Dixit' is brilliantly unlikely. The piece is a kind of lecture or philosophical inquiry in music, a rangy yet elegant rumination on the power of language, artistic control, mortality, influence, integrity and Aristotle, whose words make up large swaths of its text, along with Lydia Davis, Freud, Plato, Jenny Holzer and others. It may surprise you to learn that this heady mixture isn’t in the least pretentious or ponderous, but rather sweet, searching and deeply intelligent."

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