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The New York Times Praises Johannes Maria Staud Composer Portrait

On April 8, Miller Theatre at Columbia University presented the next installment of its flagship Composer Portraits series, feautring the music of Johannes Maria Staud. Critic Zachary Woolfe praised the series format, as well as the evening's performance:

“The Miller Theater’s signature, invaluable Composer Portraits series is music’s Dia:Beacon, offering the chance to spend an entire evening getting to know a single living artist. You get a sense of who he (or, often, she) really is, rather than just a snapshot."

"On Saturday, the deep dive into Mr. Staud, born in 1974, displayed his talent for blazing contrasts, a flair for drama that a cursory listen might have you mistake for mere grabs at attention."

"Mr. Staud’s colors transform with kaleidoscopic speed and intricacy. But he handles the changes with unusual assurance, leaving the listener feeling the way an ice skater does, registering intricate shifts of surface textures while confidently sliding over all of them."

"Par Ici! (2011, in its American premiere) plays with unconventional tunings, producing an ensemble with an alluring tang. Building to a chase, then a frenzy, it is a compendium of sounds — slides and tremors, roiling then calm — that I was happy to recognize, by the end of the concert, as characteristically Staudian."

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“Review: Diving Deep Into Staud’s Kaleidoscopic Music” by Zachary Woolfe for The New York Times. Published April 9, 2017.