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The New York Times Applauds Misato Mochizuki Composer Portrait

On March 2, Miller Theatre at Columbia University presented a full-evening immersion into the music of Misato Mochizuki, as part of its signature Composer Portraits series. Reviewing the concert, The New York Times praised this musical profile, with critic Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim writing:

“What seemed to make [this] concert accessible was the strong presence of two elements: repetition and ritual.”

“The concert opened with a visually mesmerizing percussion solo...If the strange, ritualistic-seeming gestures performed by [Russell] Greenberg helped guide the listener’s eye, the repetition of musical elements helped draw the ear to moments of change that could be experienced as intrusion or diversion – or revelation.”

“Similar principles guided Moebius-Ring for solo piano (with the expressive Ning Yu as soloist); the rhapsodic Au blue bois for solo oboe (the elegant James Austin Smith); and Terres rouges for string quartet, performed by the excellent JACK Quartet.”

“The evening ended with a dynamic performance of Le monde des ronds et des carrés by Yarn/wire...Here, ritual was at the forefront again, with a carefully choreographed opening in which the two percussionists, walking through the auditorium, dispensed resonant bell pings like scent. When the two pianists joined in, they did so first in union, resulting in a bright and warm sound.”

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“Review: A Composer Inspired by Quarks and Chromosomes” by Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim for The New York Times. Published March 7, 2017.