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CBS News Puts Miller Theatre in National Spotlight For Inventive Programming

Miller Theatre at Columbia University was featured on CBS News's nationally-broadcast "This Morning" program, with a spotlight on its creative programs to engage audiences. The segment-- noting other inventive artists and organizations including Claire Chase and International Contemporary Ensemble, and the San Francisco Symphony--recognized Miller's free, monthly Pop-Up Concerts and its recent April Fools' Day video send-up of reality TV and classical music.

Reports CBS News:
"Over the past two years, interest in the classical music art form has crescendoed in pop culture with the success of Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle,” even as the show posed an existential question early in its first season: “Is classical music dead?”

To capitalize on the show’s buzz, Miller Theatre at Columbia University produced a spoof of a reality show competition to promote it’s Pop-Up concert series. The monthly concerts where the audience can sit on stage with the performers is free – as is the wine and beer."

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